I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology.

I graduated with my doctorate from George Fox University in 2019.  My postdoctoral fellowship at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is set to begin October 2019 where I will be primarily working with teens and young adults.

I am a professional writer.

I am also the SEO Director for MarketingForTherapists.org, a business dedicated to helping mental health professionals improve their online presence and market their practice.  My SEO insights, passion for writing, and depth of clinical training give me a sharp advantage when helping others hang their shingle.

I am a public speaker.  

My diverse expertise in health psychology, neuroscience, modern friendship, and online marketing have provided me with incredible opportunities to speak for large organizations and at national conferences.  To learn more about my availability to speak for your organization, contact me today!

I am an advocate for the Autism community.

My best friend, Daniel Wendler, and I actively promote the growth and wellbeing of the Autism community.  I am deeply invested in helping kiddos and young adults learn how to be physically and emotionally healthy,  deepen their relationships, and find greater purpose and empowerment.  I wrote The Friendship Formula in 2018 to further this cause.

My backstory…

I hail from the rugged mountains and unforgiving winters of northern Idaho.  Despite the harsh environment, massive fields of canola and alfalfa stretched the farmland surrounding my hometown.  Crop yield depended on the year, and the entire town felt the effects of a thin harvest. The only grocery store in town opened a tab for families to get food during hard times.  As a farm boy, this was where I learned the significance of tenacity, loyalty, and scarcity.

Along with raising livestock and caring for our few crops, I worked side jobs to help save up for college. My family had trouble making financial ends meet, and so scarcity was the norm.  When I wasn’t at school or working, I was training for football or track season.  Every day, I worked hard to get somewhere else.  My determination brought me academic and athletic success, eventually landing a full-ride scholarship – my ticket out of scarcity.

I left my hometown with deep pride for my accomplishment.  I reached the finish line.  My entire life was dedicated to getting on that plane, and when we landed I felt lost.

Fortunately, Duke University was a great place to be lost. As I searched for my new purpose, I became immersed in cutting-edge movements in neuroscience and psychology. I stood in awe as my Abnormal Psychology professor showed us one of the first virtual reality treatments for smoking cessation. My heart pounded as I held a fully preserved human brain, knowing that this bundle of neurons fueled our behavior, our lives.  This is where my love for psychology was born.  During this period of inspirational learning, I continued my athletic pursuits as a 4-year varsity shot-putter.  I was able to travel to places I had only seen on television, where I learned how scarcity affects folks in urban areas.  This ignited my passion for social justice and clinical work.  My improbable journey from rural Idaho to diverse Duke inspired a vision for clinical psychology, one brought to fruition at George Fox University.

My insatiable quest for learning and hard work led me to quickly invest in opportunities in graduate school.  My studies at George Fox University’s doctoral program of Clinical Psychology were woven with deep, meaningful clinical experiences with folks who live in the lean harvest, beyond financial insecurity.  Limited access to adequate medical and mental health care represents an epidemic in our nation, and I want to help bridge the gap.

Want to Learn More?

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