Kyler Shumway, PsyD

About Me

Who I Am

I am a friend to the friendless.

I know what it’s like to be left out.  You feel like no one wants you.  You start to believe that you don’t matter.  And any sense of self-love you might have kindled is drowned out by the loneliness.  I also know what it’s like to overcome, to find connection, and to discover a place of belonging.  In 2018 I published my first book, The Friendship Formula, to help others discover what I wish I would have known growing up.  

I’ve felt the pain of being bullied, hurt, and mistreated.  As a kid I was tormented by bullies for my weight, my long eyelashes, and my nerdy preferences.  These experiences twisted my soul, made me calloused and angry.  My coping strategies of comfort food and video games couldn’t keep the pain away, and I soon learned to lash out and bully others as a way to offload my suffering.  After a difficult journey of reconciliation and healing, I dedicated my life to becoming a therapist and helping the world become a better place.

I believe that everyone deserves a place to belong.  In a world where technology has made communication and travel easier than ever before, no one should feel lonely.  And yet, research tells us that loneliness is more prevalent than ever before.  No one should have to feel like they don’t matter, like no one cares.  All of us have room at the table.  All of us can offer a kind word, an invitation, a bid for connection.  All of us can be the kind of friend we wish we had.  

I am a psychologist, clinician, and healer.

  • CEO of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy
  • Licensed Psychologist in the State of Texas
  • Award-winning research on the Neuroscience of Psychotherapy
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology graduate from George Fox University
  • Emphasis in Child & Adolescent Therapy, Autism and Neurodiversity, and Mood Disorders
  • I provide clinical consultation and supervision, individual therapy, parent coaching, and even run D&D Social Skills groups 

I am an author, professional writer, and psychotherapy practice developer.

I wrote and published two books before turning 30, which I think is pretty neat.  In 2021, my third and latest book and Audible exclusive, Science of Friendship, was released.

After finishing my postdoctoral fellowship, I was hired by my practice as the Business & Program Coordinator to do business development, marketing, and hiring.  After one year in this role, I ascended to the role of CEO.  I now help lead a community of more than 55 clinicians and a dozen support staff here in Austin, Texas.

I am also the SEO Director for, a business dedicated to helping mental health professionals improve their online presence and market their practice.  My SEO insights, passion for writing, and depth of clinical training give me a sharp advantage when helping others hang their shingle.

I am a keynote speaker.

I have keynoted at several conferences and provided plenary talks at several more.  It continues to amaze me to see myself on stage, proudly sharing psychology with the world, given that I suffered crippling social anxiety as a kid.  My best friend and colleague, Dr. Dan Wendler, and I provide talks on Neurodiverse friendship, social skills, and building authentic relationships.  

I have an entire page dedicated to my speaking, so if you are curious then follow this link.  Some of my primary speaking topics include:

  • Friendship and Loneliness
  • Bullying 
  • Autism, ADHD, and other forms of Neurodiversity and Neuroemergence
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Social Skills and public speaking
  • Building a strong online presence
  • Private practice development and management 
  • And more

Want to learn more?  Let’s connect!

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