The Friendship Formula:

How to Say Goodbye to Loneliness and Discover Deeper Connection

What is The Friendship Formula all about?

I wrote The Friendship Formula to help kids and adults overcome disconnection and isolation by learning to better at relationship. This book is filled with easily-digestible lessons on rich psychological concepts such as emotional attachment, defense mechanisms, and power dynamics, each anchored in my own stories of love and laughter, pain and rejection, rediscovery and renewal. Readers have the chance to dive deep and develop insights about themselves, decipher relational needs in others, and master the interpersonal dance of friendship.

Too many of us feel isolated and unwanted. Loneliness truly has become an epidemic.  Our little planet has plenty of other issues – war, world hunger, global warming, people who put pineapple on pizza.

And yet, when we fight against issues like world hunger, we don’t just send food to the needy.  We teach them how to grow crops, be resourceful, and become self-sufficient.

Similarly, The Friendship Formula isn’t just about making friends – it’s about learning the art of friendship:

  • Discover the secrets of your psychological self
  • Strategize and hone your interpersonal skills
  • Master the dance of human connection
  • Giggle as you read occasional poop jokes and Star Wars references
  • Learn about the true meaning and purpose of friendship

Where can I purchase The Friendship Formula?

Available for Print and eBook purchase on!