On Busting Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is the Worst

Come on keyboard, make words!

Writer’s block is one of those things that no one writes about.  Why?  Probably because the people who run into writer’s block have difficulty writing about it.

In many ways, writer’s block is a lot like trying to cut a log in half with a dull saw.


Sometimes there is progress early on, as the saw makes a good groove in the wood.  You continue to move the saw back and forth, working in some ideas and noticing progress.

After a while, you notice that you aren’t getting anywhere.  No matter how hard you work, you aren’t really getting anywhere.  This is an exhausting and frustrating process, as you have already put forth the energy to set up and create excellent content.  Even as I write this article for you to enjoy, I have battled through moments of writer’s block.

If you search the web, you will see tons of articles that give you ways to kick your writer’s block in the face.

Instead of a list of tips, I am going to give you the one thing that will actually help you overcome literary constipation.  Are you ready?   Here it is:

Stop Trying to Write!

As a therapist, you help people get unstuck for a living.

According to Solution-Focused Therapy, instead of focusing on the problem you need to focus on places where the problem does not exist.  When you get stuck while writing, stop pushing yourself to squeeze out more.  You will spend way too much time puzzling over what to write next when you lack good inspiration.  Go out into the world, rest and recover, do some research, get inspired, and come back to it later.

Use the three-strikes rule for writing on a certain topic. When writer’s block strikes, take a break of some kind (at least 30 minutes) before returning for another attempt.  Allow yourself to have two more attempts before you move on to a different writing project.  If the project has an immediate deadline, try altering the topic after three-strikes are up.

If you feel stuck or would like some feedback on your writing, send me an email!  Let’s work together.

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