Me and my best bud, Dr. Daniel Wendler, have returned from keynoting at the 2020 Savannah Autism Conference!

It was quite a full day.

It started off with Dan and I co-leading a talk on The Loneliness Epidemic and how it impacts adults, particularly those on the autism spectrum. After that, I gave a talk on Bullying in 2020 to share the latest research and evidence-based interventions for bullying behavior, and Dan gave his talk on improv techniques for building social skills.

I met so many amazing people this year, including these four amazing young clinicians!

We ended the conference with a bang by giving our newest keynote talk: Outside Your Comfort Zone! It was a roaring success, and we were so happy that the audience received it so well.

Our attendees were so thoughtful and engaged. The conference staff were incredibly helpful and supportive. We really had an amazing time!

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