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Bullying, Friendship, and Belonging

Why Work With Me?

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of speaking on stage (and on live television!) to thousands of people of all ages across the United States.

I yearn for a world without a bullying problem, a loneliness epidemic, a connection crisis.  I believe that – together – we can make things different.  My mission is to inspire, evoke questions, and guide listeners toward that great change.

Let’s give your audience something to think about.


Your audience deserves solutions.

My mission is to inspire, evoke questions, and educate your community to the best of my ability because – ultimately – they are the source of change.

I provide keynote talks (30-90 minutes), webinars, brief workshops (1-4 hours), and full-day workshops on topics related to friendship, bullying, technology, and mental health (mindfulness, social anxiety, depression, etc.). My audience is primarily children, teens, parents, and helping professionals. Previous venues have included schools, medical clinics, community organizations (e.g. Mothers of Preschoolers, Boy Scouts of America), and national conferences.

If you are interested in hearing more about how I can help your audience, contact me today!

Bullying and Peer-Victimization

Humans are made for belonging, love, and connectedness.  No child is born feeling worthless, feeling like a loser, believing they are unloved.  No child is born a bully, an abuser, a murderer.  These things are made by the suffering that our people have experienced since the beginning.

Gandhi once said that “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

If we continue to respond to bullying with aggression, if we continue to allow our suffering to change us and twist our humanity, we will remain caught in this vicious riptide.

Here are some of the topics I cover under the umbrella of bullying and peer-victimization:

  • How to Deal with Bullies – Both in Person and Online
  • How to Heal from Bullying Experiences
  • Understanding Modern Bullying (for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists)
  • Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullies, Trolls, and Other Antagonists
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication

Friendship and Belonging

Everyone deserves a place to belong. Human connection is a basic right – and far too many of us struggle and suffer from isolation.

I am on a mission to bring an end to this loneliness epidemic. This mission began with my journey through graduate school to become a psychologist, and it continues through my writing and speaking.

Here are some of the topics I cover under the umbrella of friendship and belonging:

  • How to Make Friends and Be Social
  • Social Skills 101 (e.g. Body Language, Small Talk, Mirroring)
  • Advanced Social Skills (e.g. Romance, Connection, Conflict)
  • Friendship-Building for the Autistic Community
  • Social Skills for Millenials

Technology and Video Gaming

As an avid video gamer and connoisseur of all things that come with screens, I am victimization on the lookout for opportunities to share with audiences who are looking to find a balance between technology use, social engagement, and physical health.

Here are some example topics:

  • Video Game Addiction
  • Screen Addiction
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Cyberbullying
  • SEO and Developing a Strong Online Presence (for Professionals)

I’ve been going to conferences for the past two decades, and that was one of the best talks I’ve heard in a long time!”

 – Stephanie (Advance LA)

“Love the presentation, energy and charisma of the author and speaker. Thank you.”

– Anonymous (Supercharge Your Presence Attendee)

“You completely changed the way I think about bullying.”

– Katie (2019 Autism Conference, Matthew Reardon Center)

“Delightful and excellent speaker.”

– Anonymous (Supercharge Your Presence Attendee)

I was so moved by your stories!

– Kathy (You Belong, Love & Autism 2018)

Having enjoyed your APA webinar, I decided to ask our local library to obtain your book. I just finished it and already recommended it to my first client today, my first day back from vacation.  You got the topic of friendship completely covered and have presented your ideas in a very readable manner. So I thank you and wish you the best in your career!  Now if I can just get myself to start lifting weights!…

– S.M. (Supercharge Your Online Presence, 2018)

We are totally going to get you back for next year’s conference!

– J.P. (Love & Autism 2018)

Dedication to the Craft

As a speaker, I really value being able to build relationships with new organizations, and I cherish the connections I have made along this journey.  I work hard to tailor my content to specifically meet the goals and interests of your audience because my goal is to maximize their value and potential for change.  As a highly tech-savvy and well-organized speaker, I do my best to make your job (and your choice) easy.

In other words, I work tirelessly to make you look good as a reference, organizer, and team member for welcoming me to meet your audience.

Interested?  Let’s get started.

The Process

Thank you for your interest in bringing my message to your next event!

As a speaker, I really value being able to build relationships with new organizations, and I cherish the connections I have made along this journey. I work hard to tailor my content to specifically meet the goals and interests of your audience because my goal is to maximize their value and potential for change.


Feel free to peruse the topics listed above, and let me know which ones seem to be the best fit. If you would like me to speak on something that isn’t specified here, please reach out so that we can talk about whether I can help meet your need.


Shoot me a message via the Contact Me page, or email me at Kyler@KylerShumway.com. I answer every (non-spam) message that comes across my inbox, but you should hear from me within 3-7 business days. When possible, I try to then set up a phone call so that we can connect beyond the keyboard.


Next, we work together to try and identify the area of greatest impact for your audience. We discuss which topics would work best and make decisions about which talks, workshops, and other activities would maximize your value. We then work on housekeeping items like travel, fees, and books as applicable.


On the day of the event, my mission is to minimize your worry as an event planner, administrator, or organizer. My content is prepared well in advance and tailored to your needs, and my technological skills help to minimize hiccups with audio, video, and more. I want to make you look good for bringing me to your event, and I hope to build a connection that lasts beyond my time on stage.


Finally, I try to send your audience some sort of resource or message to keep them accountable and remind them of what they learned. This is optional, of course, but I think it truly adds to the audience experience.

Want to learn more?  Let’s connect!

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